NEW FOR 2020

The Discover Wellbeing Collection is designed to help those who suffer with stress and anxiety.

Experience a holistic fusion of Meditation, Reiki and Crystal Healing in these unique treatments.

Calm Me

Promoting a sense of calm through self love & harmony.  A mindful meditation accompanied with Reiki and Rose Quartz crystals to amplify love, calmness and balance.  Receive a Rose Quartz crystal as a gift.

Balance Me

Release blocked emotional imbalances. 

A mindful meditation visualising colour & light; chakra crystals and Reiki to reinstate balance, peace and harmony to the mind body system.

Stress Release Me

A stress release to ease worries and anxiety.  Crystals are used to draw off negative and stagnant energy and Reiki healing assists to reinstate a sense of equilibrium and unity through the whole mind body system.


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The Retreat
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