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Energy Balancing is designed to assist you to create sustainable wellbeing in your life.  Using Energy psychologies and healing modalities we are able to heal and release blockages held in the mind body system that may be holding you back. 

Our minds work through association; most problems are created by associating beliefs, feelings and trauma. This unique approach is designed to unhook these associations and limiting belief patterns to enable you to recharge and find a new level of comfort and wellbeing your life.  This can be truly life changing!

Reiki & Sensory Healing Journey

Rebalance & Recharge

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing processes in your body, restoring physical and emotional wellbeing. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and releases blocked emotional imbalances, this is a powerful but gentle healing energy. 

The Sensory Healing Journey incorporates Earth Healing Crystals, Reiki & Sound Chimes for a totally unique healing experience.

Allergy Antidotes™

Simple Solution to Sensitivities

An effective way to manage sensitivities and allergy-like reactions to toxins. This system assesses and identifies specific reactive substances and uses energy psychology techniques with the aim to test for and relieve 'allergy-like' reactions.  A list of the most common foods & substances are used with the option to add  your own choices.  A safe and simple way to alleviate symptoms to improve your everyday life.
Further details available at my associated website:

Crystal Healing Facial

Relaxing & Uplifting

A unique holistic facial treatment. Your skin is cleansed, toned and nourished, Crystals are used to increase energy flow in a sensory face, neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage. Cruelty free Vegan products, natural ingredients, certified organic, free from parabens, SLS, MC1 & MI.  Primarily a facial but you will feel completely relaxed from head to toe.

Truly blissful.


Your appointment is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. I offer customised treatments for your specific set of concerns. Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personal treatment experience for your specific needs.

Holistic Massage 

Relax & Rejuvenate

Thermal Hot Stones relaxing therapeutic massage, melts away stress, eases muscle tension, reduces anxiety and calms the mind.  Hot stones are placed on specific energy centres, (chakra's) which assist in aligning and re-balancing the body's natural energy flow whilst other stones are used to do the body massage.  Crystal Stone massage uses Swedish massage techniques and palm stone crystals to ease muscle tension and restore balance. Crystals help to increase energy flow, the main focus being relaxation and rejuvenation.

Indian Head massage is also available.

Geopathic Stress Energy Clearing

Healing Sick Building Syndrome

Geopathic stress is a general term for earth energies that cause discomfort and ill health in humans and animals. (Sick Building Syndrome) Using Reiki, Crystals and Dowsing negative energies are removed to balance and bring harmony into the home.
Detailed leaflet available on request.



NEW FOR 2020

The Discover Wellbeing Collection is designed to help those who suffer with stress and anxiety.

Experience a holistic fusion of Meditation, Reiki and Crystal Healing in these unique treatments.

Calm Me

Promoting a sense of calm through self love & harmony.  A mindful meditation accompanied with Reiki and Rose Quartz crystals to amplify love, calmness and balance.  Receive a Rose Quartz crystal as a gift.

Balance Me

Release blocked emotional imbalances. 

A mindful meditation visualising colour & light; chakra crystals and Reiki to reinstate balance, peace and harmony to the mind body system.

Stress Release Me

A stress release to ease worries and anxiety.  Crystals are used to draw off negative and stagnant energy and Reiki healing assists to reinstate a sense of equilibrium and unity through the whole mind body system.


Feeling out of sorts?

Your first appointment, not sure what to book?

My recommendation is Energy Balancing.

If you are feeling a bit out of sorts and are just not sure how to move forward, then Energy Balancing is a starting point of discovery to find a level of comfort and wellbeing in your life.

It's a unique approach designed to help you determine what's best for you .


Therapy Session Intention

The intention I set at The Retreat is to create a safe space, full of love and light for you to relax and find a sense of inner peace and calm.  The healing intention is for your highest and fairest good, for your overall wellbeing in mind, body & soul.

A therapy session may assist you to find a level of comfort and wellbeing to help you at the time of receiving the therapy, however true sustainable wellbeing comes with a fully integrated approach in many areas of life.

It is the individual's choice and responsibility to participate for their highest and fairest good.


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